Technologies and processes designed to enhance the beauty of metal

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Mechanical operations are mainly performed with state-of-the-art machining centers.


Quality of the processed products is constantly monitored and verified with three-dimensional inspection machines and all the details are 100% visually inspected at the end of the process, before sending the components to the next production phases or shipping them to the customer.


Polishing is a process of preparation of the products to allow the galvanic chrome plating treatment.


Through the use of robots and automatic machines, operations of smoothing of the surface of the product, such as grinding, tape grinding, brushing and polishing, are performed.


These operations make it possible to achieve a very fine degree of roughness on the surface with a mirror-like appearance, which allows the good result of the following chrome plating treatment.

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Chrome plating is a galvanic process for the deposition of metallic coatings. It is both an aesthetic and protective treatment, because it gives to products a high resistance to corrosion.


The process is composed of operations performed using water based solutions containing salts of metals, acids, alkaline, detergents and special additives.


The galvanic process consists of immersing the components in tanks aligned in sequence at room temperature or slightly above.