MT Italia becomes MT Metal Tech

MT Italia has undertaken a rebranding path that has led to the establishment of MT Metal Tech: a new denomination, a new logo, a new web presence.

2020 represents a major turning point for MT Italia, which turns into MT Metal Tech and introduces a new way to communication. The brand new website is synonymous with desire for innovation and growth and has the aim of conveying the values and the expertise of MT Metal Tech, as well as of encouraging the birth of new and interesting partnerships.


Why MT Metal Tech was established

Aware of an increasingly rapid development of the market and of its regulations, the team of MT Metal Tech has decided to undertake this project in order to make its own contribution to the sector of galvanic treatments in terms of offered services, such as mechanical operations, polishing and chroming processes, but not only that. As a matter of fact, MT Metal Tech aims to be a mouthpiece for a business model based on environmental protection and attention to safety: two essential concepts of MT vision.


Attention towards the use of chemical substances for a company that has as its core business the galvanic treatments is, as said, a key mainstay in order to be able to provide customers with efficient and safe services. Simultaneously, MT Metal Tech focuses on the details of the processed products and especially on the compliance with high aesthetic standards. With the aim of ensuring compliance with the aesthetic and dimensional requirements, MT Metal Tech is equipped with multiple systems for quality control: from the 100% visual control of chromed components to the transfer of turned parts in three-dimensional machines that verify their dimensions. The quality of production processes and products makes MT Metal Tech an ideal partner for the surface treatment of metals.


A new name, a new logo, a new website

In order to communicate its business philosophy in the most effective manner, MT Italia thus becomes MT Metal Tech. The new name, indeed, distances itself from a national dimension to emphasise the core business of MT: metal and technology.

The change of the company name comes with the restyling of the logo and the creation of a website that also mirror MT renovated positioning: attention to details, linearity and innovation. However, the website is not intended to be a mere showcase site, but on the contrary it will be constantly updated with the main themes related to the world of metal surface treatments.
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